Dragon Quest Slime Maze

Super simple way to review directions with slimes

Submitted by Lucasmh

November 11, 2021

Estimated time: 5-10min

Have the students answer which direction the slime should go by using the phrases "Turn Left", "Turn Right", and "Go Straight". Very easy to play and if you want to add a hint of difficulty, you can see how fast it is done and compare it to the other classes in the school.

  • slime maze.pptx (10 MB)
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    1. Nordmagie November 11, 2021

      Hey Lucas, thank you so much for all the material you've provided! I've used so many of your powerpoints and they've taught me how to make my own too. Could you tell me where you find your animated gif and sounds? Thanks again ^^!

    2. Lucasmh November 11, 2021

      Most of it is just googling the right places. Make sure to set the google settings for transparent gifs to get them. The slime in this one was custom made by a friend, but the rest are all out there just floating around begging to be made into a game. There is a sight called myinstant that has lots of sound effects you can use, and for the colorful fonts there is a site called fontmeme.

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