Olympic Skating Race Game

A powerpoint race game made for small 6th grade classes

Submitted by UonumaRobert

November 17, 2021

Inspired by: ALMOST MARIO KART Powerpoint Game

Estimated time: Most of the lesson

UPDATE: I changed the background ice to get rid of watermarks. And I've added a template for 9 teams.

I build this for my 6th grade class doing unit 6 ONE WORLD SMILES as a review.

I have very small elementary school school classes this year so I geared this towards a small class. If your class is large you'll need to add more skaters (copy and paste one skater and its controlling button then shift things around a bit so they fit) and you'll also need to add a few extra bonus point boxes. I might rebuild it next year if I have larger classes. Who knows.


This plays the same as Monster Dash or Almost Mario Kart.

On the demo screen a teacher pretends to be a student. Show the slide with the names and say you will see their sports. You must remember them. Then show the sports and after a few seconds go onto the skating screen.

The teacher selects a skater and then you ask question one. Teacher answers it and then you click the skater button so the skater will move and you ask question two. And so on until all four questions are answered and the skater crosses the finish line. Then click G and explain the points. 1st place 5 points, 2nd 4 points, 3rd 3 points and stop. Remaining teams get 2 points. My class will only have three teams so that is neither here nor there.

Instruct the students that they should write the sport in English on the worksheet but the character name in katakana. They must also take turns bringing their answer to the teachers. On the real play screens the students should bring their answer to the HRT for answer check and then go to the ALT for the next question. The ALT will move their character.

I recommend cutting out two sets of character cards. One for each group. They can select which character they want and then one set for the board so you know where to write the points.

At the end of the round go through the answer check screens and then go to the bonus point screen. Tell the students if they want one member from each group can come up and select a color and get bonus points. They don't need to do anything other than select a color. This is to add a random element so slower teams can still feel like they have a chance and won't lose motivation.

There are two styles of questions 'What can~play?' and 'What can~do?' Because the textbook using the 'ing' forms of the words I'm using 'Do swimming'. It's not a perfect fit but its sort of correct.

I recommend playing on a tablet and letting the students touch the bonus point boxes themselves. They get a kick out of it.


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