BALLS Race and Speak Review Quiz

A Point Getting flexable review quiz

Submitted by UonumaRobert

November 22, 2021

Estimated time: 25 minutes for the quiz and then about 20 for writing

This was built to review 2nd year grammar before a 3rd year test. Future versions may be posted if I use it again.

It is pretty much used in the same way as some of my other Race and Speak quizzes.

Make groups.

Show the slide with the points balls and the key words.

The ALT asks the question. One member from each group goes to the ALT or the JTE and answers the question.

If the answer is correct they click on a ball on the tablet screen and then record the points their team gets. If you aren't using a tablet then the student tells the teacher manning the computer which ball they want and the teacher clicks it. The students should still write their points on the board.

After each team has answered or a time limit is reached you click on the key words to go to the answer check screen and then continue to the next question. A new member should come up with the next answer.

I usually hand out the worksheets at the beginning but I give the instruction that they should come up and speak their answer before writing. They should only write if they have time. It is not necessary. The focus should be more on answering rapidly.

The writing practice follows the quiz game. I usually break the groups up at this point and they can do the writing practice individually. There are a lot of questions but realistically most will only answer 2-4 questions. They can pick whatever questions they want to answer. After answering maybe two or three questions they can bring them to a teacher for an answer check, get a sticker (If you give out stickers) and then go back and continue.

Question 8 I use 'When was I born?' 'Robert __ born __ 19721'. And then the answer with a picture of me 'Robert was born in 1971'. You'll want to change that to your own information or the information of a celebrity if you're shy about sharing your age.

  • jiggswalsh February 28, 2022

    I love these race and speak activities they are so flexible! Thanks for sharing!

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