Gehn's Labyrinth

Directions game with physical maps.

Submitted by Aurora Edutainment

November 28, 2021

Estimated time: 10-20 minutes

You're in Gehn's Labyrinth! The only thing standing between you and the treasure is successfully navigating through (and also a skeleton).

Pair up with a partner and practice your directions vocabulary (go straight, turn left etc) with a physical map.

Each map has a code that transports the player to said dungeon. From there, they need to find their way to the end.

Get the magic, defeat the skeleton, get the key, get the treasure.

As always, this is a prototype I haven't fully tested, so if you have any improvement ideas or bugs, please let me know!

** NEW! Added a Hard Mode. Where if you touch the walls, you lose. Also it's darker than normal. So you need your partner to tell you where to go!. Also 10 more maps added to the map files! **

Sorry, I had to delete the first link. I'll post another one when I can find a better upload service

  • MapsForPrinting20.docx (17.1 MB)
  • MapsForPrintingSmall.docx (9.89 MB)
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    1. suzume November 29, 2021

      Unfortuantly your website is blocked on my school's internet for being a game.

    2. Aurora Edutainment November 29, 2021

      suzume new link should not be blocked

    3. Creag_Sapporo November 29, 2021

      I LOVE IT!!!! I want to learn how to make games myself and have been learning so much recently. I noticed that a few of the levels have different mechanics. some are go straight and your character moves one pace at a time (as it should) and some are go straight into the wall and can`t stop to turn a corner halfway through. I noticed space bar changes direction of your POV. can you add a stop command rather than a POV shift?
      I love this type of interactive education. thank you.

    4. Beestonian November 30, 2021

      This is brilliant. Printing out maps you found on websites to navigate procedurally generated dungeons is how things used to be in the 90's. We also start this unit this week. I'll keep tabs on it.

    5. Aurora Edutainment November 30, 2021

      Creag_Sapporo, Beestonian, . Thank you for your kind words!
      I only have PCs (Lenovo tablets) to test out my games, but noticed that some colliders didnt work on my coworkers MacBook and the player only stopped when hitting walls. Also, I never told the spacebar to do anything! Haha. I`ll take a look at the code and see what I did wrong :D

      Thank you for playing!

    6. suzume December 1, 2021

      Thank you! New link works (as long as it's not in IE which opens but won't load) however the word document is somehow tripping the computer's antivirus (I've never had this happen before!!) which won't let it open. It doesn't usually have a problem with files from ALTopedia so I'm not really sure why.

    7. Beestonian December 1, 2021

      Used this on Chromebooks today, some students were having issues where going straight would not stop every space, but continued until they impacted with a wall. That made some maps impossible to complete. It seemed like the issue was resolved by reloading the page, but obviously that destroys progress. They loved it though.

    8. Aurora Edutainment December 1, 2021

      Ok, first of all, I am stoked that people are actually trying out and liking the game. Thank you so much!

      I fixed the spacebar issue. Now nothing should happen when it's pressed.

      For the virus scanner going off from the word file, I did multiple full scans on my computer using Kasperski and nothing came up, but I'll re-upload the map file (along with a version with smaller maps), just to be safe.


    9. Aurora Edutainment December 1, 2021

      As for the character sometimes being unable to stop, right now I have invisible colliders in the middle of each square that should stop the character. I assume they are too small and not activating, so I made them a bit bigger. But for the future, I will figure out a better movement system! Like (move 5 meters forward and stop) or something like that.

      This is all really exciting!

    10. suzume December 1, 2021

      Thanks for re-uploading. From further research it looks like it might be an issue on my school network end with all Microsoft Word 97-2003 files tripping the anti-virus. Yours just happened to be the first file I tried to open today. Apologies!

    11. Aurora Edutainment December 1, 2021

      That's good news! Thank you :D

    12. Aurora Edutainment December 2, 2021

      Just added 10 more maps and a hard mode! :D

    13. AnpanSwag February 2, 2022

      Works perfectly on the NEC school PCs!! But when I tested it on the Chromebooks the walking into walls glitch was still very much there, which makes hard mode pretty frustrating. I also noticed in hard mode the screen is so dark on the Chromebooks you can barely see the game is on, and that's with the highest brightness on. Once again, it's all perfect on the PCs, a really great game! Just not the best on the Chromebooks for the kids unforunately :(

    14. Charg February 2, 2022

      This is SO cool! Looking forward to using this at my ES. I've loved all the games of yours that I've stumbled across, keep doing what you're doing! :)

    15. jiggswalsh February 3, 2022

      As a curious gamer, how long did it take to get from 0 to this level of programming? Awesome work!

    16. Aurora Edutainment February 4, 2022

      AnpanSwag Thank you for trying it out on ChromeBooks. I finally have access to one in my school, so I can try to change it so those bugs don`t happen. Ganbaru!

    17. Aurora Edutainment February 4, 2022

      jiggswalsh I started during the first lockdown in 2020 just to have something to do when teleworking. I really recommend trying Unity for ALTs because we have access to hundreds of testers (children) who are not afraid of telling exactly what`s wrong with your game, but at the same time have no idea what a cliche the games really are :D

    18. jiggswalsh February 9, 2022

      I downloaded Unity and it looks much easier to use than I imagined! I might try and make some stuff if I get time! Thank you!

    19. zurui_games February 14, 2022

      @Aurora Your game is pretty cool and Unity looks super interesting. I'll have a poke around when I get some time. It definitely looks like something I'd be excited to learn, especially since PowerPoint has its limitations and drawbacks. Thanks for the info! Cheers.

    20. Aurora Edutainment April 21, 2022

      Update: Added links that are (most likely) not blocked in schools! :D

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