Comic Worksheet

This is a versatile comic worksheet that can be used with games like Zapper Zoo, Pokemon Battle, Hello Kitty Fun Time, etc.

I made this worksheet with random stock photos I found online and do not own.

I recently used it for a 3rd year lesson reviewing some old grammar (indirect question, My friends call me ~, and It~ for~ to~ [One World 3 Pg 8]), but I have also used this in the past only for indirect question. I think this worksheet can be used with many different grammar points as well.

The students make groups, then write one or two sentences in the word bubble for any comic. I check their answer and grammar, give them one point, and then they try for more points on the TV with Zapper Zoo (or a game of your choosing), but they can also lose points. I let them touch the screen themselves, and I keep track of the points on the board. The students seemed to get the hang of writing some good sentences, but of course, some students did not follow the grammar. Feel free to be as strict as you'd like. I have been using this worksheet for 15 min, but it could go longer.

I have included my full lesson I did using the above grammar with Zapper Zoo, as well as the "Day at the Zoo" relative pronoun puzzle.

Good games to use this worksheet with (I am an UonumaRobert fan haha)-
Zapper Zoo:
Pokemon Battle:
Hello Kitty Fun Time:
(Christmas Themed) Krampus Attacks:

Example sentences:
"It's hard for me to use a phone!"
"I don't know how to stop the baby's cries."
"People call me Imoto."

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • .any grammar fun lesson.pptx (4.77 MB)
  • indirect q comic worksheet.docx (2.77 MB)
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    Submitted by rflowers December 14, 2021 Estimated time: 20-25 min
    1. UonumaRobert December 16, 2021

      Good idea for a worksheet. I think you could probably make the pictures smaller, especially if you were sneaky and used the good printer at work. Then you could fit in a few more situations. For this type of thing I like the squarish voice bubble since you can fit more of them on a page.

    2. rflowers December 21, 2021

      oh good idea about the square bubble ! yeah i was worried about picture legibility on the big printer... thanks for commenting, uonuma! love your ppts

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