This is my day. - Daily Routine

Grade four students will name the given routine (e.g. wake up, wash my face...) through a game.

This game is called bomb game. Divide the class into groups. Each group will have 500 points as starting point (or you can decide how much point you will give each group). Students will choose a question and name the given daily routine; however, each question has either a point, a dynamite, a bomb, and a bag of money. If they get the question with the point, they're lucky, they get to keep the point. If they get the one with the dynamite, then the team loses all their accumulated points. If they get the question with the bomb, all teams lose their points. If they get the one with the bag of money, then they can steal the points of the winning team. Every time they get the "bomb", the teacher can give each group a new starting point ( in my case, I ask my HRT to give the points).

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    Submitted by chacha February 4, 2022 Estimated time: 10 mins.
    1. tsuk235 February 14, 2024

      I love this game.

      While the game works well as it is, I changed it up by making it so that you win 100 or 500 points and there's only bombombs that deletes all the points of the answering team. I felt having just one kind of bomb makes it easier and straighter to the point.

      Thank you so much for the game. Thumbs up.

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