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A short group activity to practice making and asking questions, can be used for many different grammar points

Submitted by spreeeeee

May 9, 2022

Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

Have kids make groups (3-4 kids per group is ideal) and decide their order.

On the board, write some answers for the grammar point.

(for example, if the students are practicing "have you ever~?", write "yes, I have" and "no, I haven't" on the board)

Next to the answers, put some checkboxes. You can put however many boxes you want to make the game longer/shorter, but 3 boxes per answer seems to be a good number for me.

Give the kids a piece of paper and have them copy the answers and the boxes. Then the students will make questions and come (in turns) to ask you and/or the JTE. If you say one of the answers on the board, the students can put a check in one of the boxes for that answer. Give students a time limit and tell them to see how many boxes they can check, or play until one group has checked all the boxes.

For higher-level students: tell them they can only use a verb once. So if they ask "have you ever eaten kimchi?" they can't use "eat" for any other questions.

If you demonstrate how to play by asking one or two questions to the JTE and checking the boxes, the students usually understand pretty quickly.

I put a document in this activity, but really all you need is blank paper (or just have the kids use notebook paper) and a blackboard


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