Flying Fish 'Koi No Bori' Point Game

A race and speak or write and race point game suitable for the spring.

Submitted by UonumaRobert

May 13, 2022

Estimated time: 20 to 30 minutes for the game

A standard race and speak game.

The students are put into goups. You show the slide that has either the key words or the question. One member of each group comes to a teacher to answer the question. If the answer is okay they then go to the tablet and click on a fish to get points. The students then write their points on the board and return to their group. Once every team has answered go to the answer check and move onto the next question. A new member from each group should answer the next question.

For the template once on a play screen you can click on the red arrow to show a picture if you want to use picture hints. The picture has the hyperlink for the next screen. If you aren't using picture hints you can delete the picture. Then when you click on the red arrow it is replaced by a yellow arrow. This has the hyperlink for the next screen.

On the answer check screen the picture has the hyperlink to the next screen. The yellow arrow goes back into the game. The difficult to see box has a hyperlink to the last question if you are pressed for time you can jump ahead. The numbers on that slide can bring you back into the game if the box is pressed by mistake.

This version is a little shorter since I don't have full lesson time. It is followed by Talk Time. Have the students return their seats. The teachers demonstrate a short simple conversation starting with 'When you have free time what do you do?' and then you put the students into pairs, click the one minute timer bar and the students have short conversations. The last part is writing practice. I prefer to have the students do this independently. I'll reward stickers if they complete two or three questions depending on the time available.

I added a second easier version of the If and When practice. Rather than listen to a question the students will see a picture hint and can use that to complete the sentence. I let the teacher pick which version they prefer.

Note even this was challenging for some of my classes. I had to add hints onto the projector screen. An advantage to the projector screen is you can use a whiteboard marker and add things like the first letter to the missing words if the groups were struggling.


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