Are you...? / Do you...? Bingo

Get the students to recognize the difference between the two types

Submitted by Ishtar

May 13, 2022

Estimated time: 10-15

Students will recognize the difference between Are and Do questions.

Students ask the questions corresponding to the box they are trying to use for a bingo line.
Only if the student's partner answers in the affirmative can they receive a signature.

S1: Do you play soccer?
S2: Yes, I do.
S1: Great. Please sign here.
= signed box.

S1: Are you from America?
S2: No, I'm not. (extra: I'm from Japan)
S1: Oh. Too bad. See you.
= unsigned box.

Verbs are underlined for easy distinction, to make it more of a challenge remove the underline.

The sentence writing at the bottom of the page is an extra challenge for students who want to push themselves.
They won't've learnt 3rd person 's' at this point in the textbook, so a simple explanation is added in Japanese to the side.


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