How's the Weather Map Activity

Very simple warm up for practicing asking "How's the weather?"

I made this for my fourth grade class of 16 students.

I made 8 maps so that each student has one map that matches someone else. Adjust the number of maps according to the number of students in your class, ensuring each map has a match. I left a blank map if you need to make more or to make any changes.

Print two copies of the maps. Shuffle the maps and hand them out randomly. If you have an odd number of students, have either the JTE, the homeroom teacher, or yourself participate.

The goal is for everyone to find the person with the matching weather map by asking about the weather in different cities.

Students will walk around the room and ask each other "how's the weather in (ex. Sapporo)?" Students can pick whichever city to start with, they do not need to start from the top of the map.

The other student will answer with the weather of that city (ex. "it's snowy"). If it's a match, the first replies "yes, it is snowy." Then they can move on to another city. Tell students to switch back and forth for who asks and answers.

If the weather is not a match, say "oh no, it's (ex. sunny in Sapporo). Goodbye." and then move on to someone else.

Once students find the person with the matching weather map, they write down their partner's name and can sit down.

I didn't intend for this activity to be a race, but naturally all my students wanted to get first place, so you could add some competition to it if you'd like.

Submitted by hnnhdwn June 2, 2022 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes

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