This or That gifts

students use comparatives to discuss gifts

Submitted by stadiumkaylam

June 8, 2022

Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

This activity was created to give my JHS 2nd year students a quick warm-up where they could express their opinions from unit 6. It only requires the powerpoint, but a worksheet could be added to make the activity longer.

First, explain to the students that they need to choose between two items and explain their reason using comparatives and "because".

Show the example of computer vs. phone. Tell them "I want a computer because computer games are better than phone games."

Before you let them start answering questions, you can make it more challenging by telling them they can only use each adjective once (so if they use "fun" for one question, they can't say it again). This keeps them from using the same words over and over.

Have them talk in pairs or small groups using the questions. Maybe give them a minute or so per question and encourage them to talk the whole time. To take a little more time, I took a volunteer after every question to give me their opinion in front of the class.

For more of a challenge, the final question is a superlative question where students need to decide the best gift and give 3 reasons. For time or any other reason, it can be skipped.

I hope this activity is helpful!

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