Campaign for Nature

students use passive voice to advocate for the environment

Submitted by stadiumkaylam

June 8, 2022

Estimated time: 15-25 minutes

I created this activity for my JHS 2nd graders to help them practice passive voice. This activity works best if students all have their own ipad, but using a regular piece of paper would work too.

First, use the powerpoint to give a short talk about problems with the environment. Make sure to emphasize how almost every sentence is using passive voice. My JTE knew the presentation, so she would jump in with a quick translation when she thought necessary.

After giving both examples of environmental problems and examples using passive voice, have students create their own poster advocating for environmental change following the poster example. Make sure that as they are making their posters that they can use the examples for inspiration, but that they should be writing their own sentences using passive voice.

Take volunteers to present their posters. This activity worked well taking up the last part of class to help them listen to and practice using passive voice. Hope it's helpful!

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