Weather "Clock" for an English Board

This printable poster can be laminated and installed on an English board. Use the two "clock hands" to mark two different weather features.

This is a large poster I designed to print on A3 size paper. It is like a clock for the weather, with six sections (sunny, rainy, cloud, snowy, cold and hot). At the bottom are two clock hands that you can cut out. You can use a pushpin to install them in the center of the clock. Every day, you can update the daily weather, or ask the daily leader in the classroom to keep it updated. It can be a great addition to a bulletin board, or inside the class as a visual aid to help with the daily warm-up questions. I recommend laminating both the poster and the clock hands to maximize longevity of the materials. I hope you like it!

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  • Weather chart.pdf (5.56 MB)
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    Submitted by PlastiCat June 14, 2022 Estimated time: N/A
    1. ratclass May 8, 2023

      very cute!

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