Thanksgiving Turkey Feathers

Have students write what they are thankful for on paper turkey feathers and use them to make the tail of a turkey.

First, make copies of the sheet. There are 2 feathers on each sheet, sized for B5 paper. I recommend printing them on different colors of paper, to make a variety of colored feathers. Cut out the feathers, or have students help you.

For a warm-up, students can write what they are thankful for on each feather. Collect all feathers from the students. You can also have teachers write them. After that, make the body/face/legs of a turkey, and attach it to your bulletin board. Arrange the feathers as a tail. If you have many students, you can have students make a turkey for each homeroom and attach the feathers. Enjoy!

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    Submitted by PlastiCat June 14, 2022 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes
    1. joyceisachoice September 22, 2022

      This is so much better and more time efficient than my original idea of having students get into groups of 4 to make make a feather by tracing their own hand. Thank you for making and sharing!

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