Food Story (I'd like ~[food/drink/dessert].)

Please feel free to use this Toy Story-themed presentation to review different foods/drinks/desserts and to introduce and practice the target sentence, "I'd like~.

Submitted by crisxselda

October 4, 2022

Estimated time: 20分 ~

I used this with my special needs classes this week and they had a blast. They really liked the Nyanko battle game last week so I decided to use it again in this week's presentation. Please feel free to use and modify as needed. My students specifically requested Toy Story characters-based game for this week so please don't hesitate to change the characters to your students' liking.
⬇ Here's how ⬇
(Copy a picture you want to use. Next, right-click on a picture you want to change and select 'Change Picture' (図の変更)- 'From Clipboard...(クリップボードから...)' If you have saved the pictures you want to use, select 'From a File' (ファイルから...) instead.)

Slide 1: Title
Slide 2: Menu from the Picture Dictionary
Slide 3: I Spy title page (small classes only)
Slide 4: Sample game page : Allow students to look at the pictures closer and say the the drinks they spied. If you're using a touchscreen TV, click on the item to activate the animation. Once all items are found, click once to highlight all the items.
Slides 5-7: Play the I Spy game!
Slide 8: Good job!
Slide 9: Game intro: Food Story!
Slides 10-16: Show characters and click once to show the items. Play RSP to decide who will choose a food/drink/dessert first. The number of fingers revealed will determine the number of hits the opponent is getting. If the fingers show 3, click the opponent's character three times and the blows should reflect on the hearts below the characters. Play until someone wins. Unless someone already revealed the 4 finger hand, the last item could be opened by the player who wins another janken.
Slide 17: Good job!

NOTES from the previous activity posted:
Qs: Are the students split into teams? Are they only playing rock paper scissors or are they also using the target dialogue at the same time?
A: You have several ways to do the battle game. You may do what I did in one of my classes where I played the role of the opponent. Since it was in a small class, the students played RSP to decide the order of students who would play against me. This can be played in teams as well. Representatives of groups play RSP until only two players are left. The two players play RSP one more time to know who will choose a character and item first. Different representatives play in every round and you can even have the final battle between the two teams who have the most wins or losses. Students say the target sentence when choosing an item.

PLEASE click through the slides to be familiar with the timing of the animations.

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