Halloween Blast

Halloween-themed jeopardy-style game for 5th/6th graders.

This is basically the same Halloween game that the user mssamansa made, but remade from scratch for my 5th and 6th grade classes! You can check out mssamansa's Halloween Trick or Treat Quiz Game linked on the left, it's great for junior high. I don't want too much credit since I stole all of these ideas from them, but just wanted to share my version for anyone who has ES classes.

How to use:
Split students into teams and take turns letting them choose a numbered door. Click on the door specified, which will then X it out (click again on the X boards to procede to the question slide).

After the team gives an answer, you can click on the green checkmark to bring up the correct answer. For some questions, such as the "How many...?", you will need to click on the big question mark box to reveal the objects, and it will close after a short time so the students need to try and count fast! If the students answer correctly, click on the Jack-O-Lantern to reveal their prize, usually candy or sometimes a choice between a ghost (Trick or Treat) and 2 pieces of candy. If they choose the ghost, click it to reveal what they get. Sometimes they get lots of candy, sometimes only one piece or no candy, or sometimes they reveal a Zombie Attack or Vampire Fight.

For Zombie Attack, you can wipe away every teams' points. I like to just halve everyone's points, however, as in the past with Mario's Christmas Blast I've had a couple classes that get really bummed out when it's nearing the end of the game and they lose all their points. Lol

For Vampire Fight, the team can choose another team to play janken against, the winner getting 5 pieces of candy. You can change this amount, 5 felt like too much so I went with 3 instead.

All the questions are suitable for my 5th graders, as it's all grammar they should be familiar with, and it should also serve as a bit of a review for my 6th graders as well. Change the questions to fit your students' ability!

After explaining the rules, putting them into teams and giving them about 30 seconds to come up with team names, then playing the game, this activity took the whole 45-minute class period with still 12 or so questions remaining. Your mileage may vary depending on how crazy/quiet your classes are! I went through 4 or 5 rounds, and tried to finish before class ends to let the winning team get first choice of some Halloween stickers.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Halloween Blast (5th - 6th).pptx (11.6 MB)
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    Submitted by badartist October 25, 2022 Estimated time: 30-50min
    1. coltox101 October 25, 2022

      Thank you for this! Looks great. Gonna try it with my 5th/6th graders this week.

    2. Ulysses October 25, 2022

      Great stuff. Remakes are hardly ever good thankfully this PP Game doesn't fall into that category. Appreciate all the hard work

    3. marie42 October 26, 2022


    4. senaix October 27, 2022

      Used this with my 5th/6th graders today, they loved it! Thank you so much for the remake, it saved a lot of time!
      I put two slides in the front explaining the rules in simple japanese and also changed the zombie attack to -2 points from all other teams. With 6 groups of 6 the game took about 30 minutes to finish :D

    5. Jchagan October 27, 2022

      This is fantastic! I've noticed, though, that when I click the green check mark, it reveals the prize first, then the answer on the second click. Is there something I can do about that on my end?

    6. badartist October 27, 2022

      @Jchagan I just doubled checked and they all work on my end.. I hope it's not a Powerpoint version difference or something? If needed, you can just delete the checkmark button and make a new animation for the Answer that happens when you click anywhere.

      @senaix Good to hear! Sounds like you have a very efficient class if you got through it that fast. :) I'll be trying it for the first time tomorrow.

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