NHE5 Unit 7 Holiday Booklet

Using Unit 7 of New Horizon Elementary 5, students will make a booklet about their favorite holiday.

Submitted by sbrshteacher

October 28, 2022

Estimated time: 25 minutes

Intended for:

  • New Horizon Elementary 5 page 70
  • I used the idea by ccabusas who used badartist's template to apply the booklet idea to this unit.

    Print off these booklets on A3 or A4 depending on how small you want them to be. Follow the WikiHow instructions on constructing the booklet.

    I made an example by Emily Smith (she says she's from Singapore but has an American accent, so don't come for me too hard LOL).

    At the end of the unit, I will have students present them to the class by reading their books to us.

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