Which Present Do You Want?

Santa gives out some presents to the students! Let them choose a colored present and reveal what's inside.

For elementary school students.

This is just a short and silly powerpoint that kills the last few minutes of a Christmas-themed lesson, but the students almost always go crazy about it. There are 2 to 3 choices of presents, ask the students which present they want, choose a student and have them answer in simple English like, "Yellow present, please." Click the present to open it and reveal their prize! There are some exciting things to get and some joke prizes as well, so the students will be laughing when their friend only gets a potato when someone else got an iPhone.

Feel free to change anything however you like!

*Update: Cropped down the size of presents in the last two slides so you hopefully won't open the wrong one by accident.

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    Submitted by badartist December 9, 2022 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes
    1. kusobaba December 9, 2022

      I like it a lot! Thanks very much.

    2. beccawakannai December 9, 2022

      The last slide is sure to get a laugh. Thank you so much!

    3. msbanana December 9, 2022

      This is so good! Thank you for sharing.

    4. ann5577 December 13, 2022

      Thank you for sharing this! My class loved it :)

    5. Mullberry December 13, 2022

      Thanks for making this! It`s been great for my 3rd and 4th grade ES to work on "i want_______."

    6. Odachans December 13, 2022

      This is great! My 3rd grade and 4th grade ES kids had a really fun time!

    7. Cityfan December 13, 2022

      Looks fun, should slot into many Christmas lessons.

    8. MinamiCat December 14, 2022

      This is perfect for 3+4 grade! Thanks a bunch!

    9. Daryl_Jay December 14, 2022

      This is super fun I bet. Thanks a lot!

    10. leaveseclipse December 21, 2022

      That last slide had me rollin'

    11. angelaosaka December 21, 2022

      My 5th and 6th graders had a great time yesterday, and the last slide had them in stitches. Thanks so much!

    12. christopherb December 21, 2022

      I've played with 3rd, 4th, and 6th graders. They've all loved it! Thanks for this great idea!

    13. shinjirarenai December 21, 2022

      I played this with my 4th graders today and it was amazing! Thank you so much!!

    14. taliwah December 21, 2022

      My 2nd graders had a blast with this game!

    15. maeschooldocs December 22, 2022

      love it!!!

    16. sbrshteacher December 22, 2022

      I wish I had found this last week! Definitely saved for next year. Thanks so much, this is awesome.

    17. juliabiv December 22, 2022

      Ugh this is so perfect, I could have used this with my 3rd or 4th graders. Maybe next year XD

    18. altucuj December 22, 2022

      This is wonderful. My students LOVED this. Thank you!!

    19. AsakawaSune December 23, 2022

      Did this with my 3rd years, they loved it! Thanks!

    20. Furachan January 5, 2023

      This looks great! I want to use this in the new year.

    21. rishj54 January 6, 2023

      Thank you very much! My students loved it!

    22. Markteacher89 June 26, 2023

      Used this in a few of my lessons. Students love it and scream out loud when they get a great prize. Super popular. Thanks for making it.

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