BATTLE SQUIDS (Zelda: Wind Waker Edition)

A battleship activity to practice passive voice. Based on the mini game from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Hello folks! I'm posting this little worksheet I made a little while ago, the kids really had fun with it and I had fun playing the activity as well, haha.

The rules are pretty much the same as the traditional Battleship game, except the students are encouraged to make questions using the prompts provided to make their "hits". They get two worksheets, one for them to place their own squids, and one for them to use to hunt their partner's squids.

If a student wants to hit the first square, they should ask their partner "Was the book written by Zelda?" And their partner should respond with "Yes, it was." or "No, it wasn't." For added goofs, encourage the students to say "KABOOM!" with each hit, and "spliiiiish" with each miss. (They do this in the game, and it always tickled me.)

I always do a rapid-fire round where I demonstrate how the game is played on the board, just to show how to construct the questions and sentences.

If there is time, students should also write sentences based on their hits. "The book was written by Zelda." etc. If a student doesn't make any hits (for some reason), they could always write "The book was not written by Zelda."

Have fun! Let me know if you have any questions!

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    Submitted by robertsbp January 19, 2023 Estimated time: 20-25 min
    1. stevenyc113 January 27, 2023

      pretty cool

    2. ratclass February 1, 2023

      Awesome! This saved me a ton of time, and it looks great! Thanks for sharing!

    3. kirbystar April 24, 2023

      thank you so much!! I needed something like this ^^

    4. tkaw360 May 18, 2023

      Love the artwork and the simplicity of this one, thanks alot!!

      ahh as a side note is it possible to upload a word document version of this? I'd love to edit the grammar for my other classes but I don't have adobe premium.

    5. robertsbp May 19, 2023

      @tkaw360 unfortunately I don't have a word version of this; it was put together using photoshop, actually ^^' give me a little bit and let me see if I can make a word version now that I'm a bit more comfortable with it!

    6. ratclass January 16, 2024

      I did this last year and it was great! I’m planning on using it again this year too, however I may try to edit it a bit; in one class a group of rowdier boys latched on to the similarities between “Tingle” and “chinko”, which derailed the lesson for a bit, haha! still, thanks again for sharing this lesson!

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