Animal Hint Quiz (4 Hints)

Easy 10 question animal hint quiz, with habitat, food, footprint, and one bonus hint.

10 questions each with an animal's habitat, food, footprint, and a bonus hint. (what the animal can do, what the animal likes, physical features, etc.) For each hint, click and the animation will play. The order might be different for certain questions to make it a bit harder (for example, if the footprint is too easy, it'll come last).
This was made for a Nakayoshi ES (mixed grade) class, so there is also Japanese in there for concepts that the kids might not understand in English yet. Feel free to change it to adjust for other levels. I'd recommend asking "what's this?" and then having the kids answer with "it's a/an..."
The font is Mitsu Handwriting. If your school doesn't use the Mitsumura Tosho textbooks, it will probably not be installed on your computer and will default to whatever your default font is.

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    Submitted by wanifan January 23, 2023 Estimated time: 8-15 minutes
    1. KobeALT January 24, 2023

      Very cute. Thank you!

    2. Rilakkuman January 24, 2023

      Nicely made!

    3. gabriellec February 2, 2023

      This is great, I've used it with multiple special education classes and they've all really enjoyed it!

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