I want to go to... Typhoon Game

this file consist in a the presentation of countries food, activities, culture, nature and monuments and a Typhoon Game that is played in Groups. preferably 2 or 3.

Student should choose 2 particular countries and tell why .
The countries in the game are France, India, Japan, Spain, Korea, Egypt, Brazil, Australia

Answering the questions where do you want to go ? and Why

in this form

I want to go to X and Y, I want to eat


1.Divide the class into 3 teams.
2.Ask a volunteer for each team to play rock, scissors, paper. Winning team will play first.
3.The next team will ask, "Where do you want to go?"
4. players will answer " I want to go to (choose the countries from the boards so that to get to an intersection ).
5.Each combination will reveal points when you click it.
6.the team with the higher score wins

The bonus point will be determined with a dice 1 and 2 will get you 50 pts, 3 and 4 will get you 100pts and 5 and 6 will send a typhoon to another team they will throw a dice. the team with the highest number will be inflicted the typhoon and get their points wiped out.

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