Where's my Pokemon

Here We Go! 5, Unit 8. A fun and interactive way to practice directions with your students.

Submitted by Nekoneelz

February 7, 2023

Estimated time: 10-20 mins (Less/more slides can be done depending on how much time you have)

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  • Here We Go! 5 page 102
  • This is my first contribution to this site so I hope you guys find this useful!

    The premise of this game is that your Pokemon have run away and you need the students' directions to help find them.

    I'd suggest doing a quick recap of New Words from this chapter before beginning this game.

    Start at the black star at the bottom left corner of the map, and let the students give directions to lead you to different places (Labelled with letters). Places are equipped with click and reveal animations, and have a place and a Pokemon (both are listed in the notes).

    If this is too difficult, you can also make this a listening activity, where you give directions and then have students guess which location you're going to. (I'd recommend starting off like this for a couple tries and then moving on to students giving directions). Again, directions are also listed in the notes.

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