As ~ As Comparative Activity

Dirrectly inspired from Silverflower18's As ~ As Comparative worksheet and activity style.

This is directly inspired from Silverflower18's As ~ As activity. Their idea is fantastic so check them out to understand how the activity fully works.

I used the same printed material but adjusted the way I got them to tackle it. I added a presentation for the groups to tackle the questions after collecting information on the hints.

I colour coded the hints in pairs (2 white, 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 blue) before printing and putting them around the room. These colours matched the chalk I had.

Instead of splitting them into groups of 6, I split them into groups of 4. I then gave them all a sheet and I then told them to assign a number each from 1 to 4. I then assigned a colour to the number by writing it with the same colour on the board. For example, I would write 1 with white chalk. That person would then go to the white hints. 2 in yellow, they would go to the yellow hints etc. As long as they remember their number, they can just look at the board and know their colour. I then gave the students 2 minutes to go to their hints and write down memos in the box provided at the bottom.

Once they've written down their hints they would return to their groups and discuss what they found out while trying to fill in the table together. I gave them 3 minutes to piece together their hints.

Once they had filled the empty boxes of the table, I then presented the 8 questions through the powerpoint attached and gave them about a minute per question to talk, figure out and write the answer.

You can see on the powerpoint that I scaffolded by showing a lot of the sentence structure and then progressed by covering up more to challenge them (particularly on the simpler sentences. This is set to my classes ability, so change how much you show as you see fit to match ability.

We then together as a class reviewing the answers and filling in the table as we went. I drew the table on the blackboard as well just to make it perfectly clear to avoid any confusion.

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    Submitted by Halvar February 15, 2023 Estimated time: 20 minutes
    Inspired by As ~ As Activity

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