Animal Crossing Digging NH3

End year activity for 3rd grade New Horizon

Hello, this is my first post. I only edited and combined these two activity
Animal Crossing: Digging Challenge from here:
with the questions from here:
don't forget to change the ALT questions with yours.

Thank you

Separate class into teams.

After explaining the point system (1, 3, 5 points, Gyroids allow for a janken battle between two teams, pitfalls are -2 points, and Resetti halves everyone's points), move to the slide with a bunch of diggable spots.

The top right has bunch of numbered buttons 1~33 that you can click to be sent to a question slide. My idea is to just start from 1, ask the first team that question, and if answered correctly, click the home button to let them choose a numbered spot to dig in. Then ask the next team question 2, and so on. You could also forego making question slides and just ask each team a question off the top of your head, if you're just wanting to do a warm-up.

If a Gyroid is dug up, you can click on it to be sent to the Gyroid janken slide. The team can choose another team to play janken against, and the winner gets 3 points. Same for Resetti, click him when he appears to be sent to the Resetti slide.

Be careful not to move back a slide from the digging screen, as that may reset the whole game's progress.

Hope this is helpful for your classes!

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    Submitted by ramsey February 16, 2023 Estimated time: 40-45 minutes
    1. jojo27 February 16, 2023

      Nice work! I'm excited to use this. Thank you!

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