Animal Crossing: Digging Challenge

Teams answer questions for a chance to dig up bells, fossils, gyroids, and pitfalls in this Animal Crossing themed review game.

This is a simple review game that you might be able to stretch out for most of a class period, or even just use as a quick warm up game. You can make questions in the PowerPoint itself, or you could just come up with questions on the fly. Students will choose a dig spot after answering a question correctly and receive points.

Separate class into teams.

After explaining the point system (1, 3, 5 points, Gyroids allow for a janken battle between two teams, pitfalls are -2 points, and Resetti halves everyone's points), move to the slide with a bunch of diggable spots.

The top right has bunch of numbered buttons 1~33 that you can click to be sent to a question slide. My idea is to just start from 1, ask the first team that question, and if answered correctly, click the home button to let them choose a numbered spot to dig in. Then ask the next team question 2, and so on. You could also forego making question slides and just ask each team a question off the top of your head, if you're just wanting to do a warm-up.

If a Gyroid is dug up, you can click on it to be sent to the Gyroid janken slide. The team can choose another team to play janken against, and the winner gets 3 points. Same for Resetti, click him when he appears to be sent to the Resetti slide.

Be careful not to move back a slide from the digging screen, as that may reset the whole game's progress.

Hope this is helpful for your classes!

Edit2: Uploaded the powerpoint I will be used for my JHS 1st graders lesson review, with questions. After testing it once, I made a few changes for my other classes. I changed the points to 1, 2, and 3, and the Pitfalls let the team steal 2 points from another team. Gyroid Janken lets every team janken with the ALT, win = 2 points, tie = 1 point.

I put everyone into teams, and I gave every team a whiteboard. I let the first team choose a number first, and asked that question. Every team writes down the answer with a short time limit. If a team answers correctly, they get 1 point, and then the team who chose the number essentially gets a chance at bonus points from that hole. Then the next team chooses the next number. This way every team was involved and there was a lot more opportunities to get points. I also added a few more pitfalls for point stealing.

Hope you can make it work for your class, however you decide to do it!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
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  • Animal Crossing Digging Challenge(JHS1).pptx (11.1 MB)
    1. ChetBorneo November 30, 2022

      Very nicely done. Nice and simple. Thanks!

    2. mssamansa December 1, 2022

      SO cute!! Thank you for making this

    3. Chrissy0317 December 19, 2022

      Has anyone used this on keynote on a mac? I'm not sure how to get it to not dig up from hole #1 after every single slide. I'm not able to choose which hole to dig up.

    4. scotty January 12, 2023

      @Chrissy0317 sadly it doesn't work on keynote i'm pretty sure :(

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