Let's practice shapes with Totoro and others

Let's Try 3 ~ To find the hidden characters they have to say the name of the shapes and their colors as a review.

Submitted by zzreyn

February 27, 2023

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This is just a simple activity that I have used on my 3rd grade class and they had fun finding Totoro and other characters in the powerpoint. They were able to practice saying the target phrases as a review.

Red triangle, please.
Yellow star, please.
Small blue rectangle, please.

The number at the upper right side of the slide indicates the number of characters that they should find.

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  • U7 Shapes with Colors Review.pptx (9.8 MB)
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    1. Bonjure289 February 28, 2023

      Simple, but cute and effective activity! Thank you!

    2. VinShida February 28, 2023

      I like this idea. brilliant!

    3. EvOConnor March 6, 2023

      It worked really well with my 3rd class, they loved it. Thanks!

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