How to be a Good English Speaker

End of year advice for graduating JHS students who want to continue learning English.

It's graduation season!! Send off your 3rd graders with some tips to continue learning English in fun ways outside of the classroom.

I struggled for a long time to decide what to say to my 3rd graders, and I finally decided on this. I compiled a list of 7 tips for English learning that my students would find fun and useful. I've used it in two classes so far and they seemed to appreciate it a lot, so I decided to share it with you all.

Feel free to edit it and add your own advice for your students. If you use mine, remember to change my name to your name in the powerpoint!

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    Submitted by beccawakannai March 3, 2023 Estimated time: 5-10minutes
    1. sophie March 6, 2023

      great stuff. I really hope I get to show this to my 3rd graders before they graduate. :)

    2. aimeeyuri4 March 6, 2023

      This is super cool!! I wish I had seen this before my last classes with my 3 nensei. I know they would have really appreciated it. Saved it for next year, thank you!

    3. Frances March 8, 2023

      WOW! This is an excellent compilation! Thanks a million.

    4. altucuj March 8, 2023

      Was thinking about putting some advice in a goodbye letter but I like doing this as a final activity instead. Thank you so much for the idea!

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