Springtime Classroom Blast

End of year review with a spring/Easter theme.

Spring is almost upon us, so I wanted to make another end of year review classroom blast with bunnies and eggs. You could also use this if you're returning to your schools in the new school year.

Separate the class into teams. The starting team chooses a numbered egg, just click it to bring up the question and let them answer it. Click the Egg in the bottom right corner to bring up an Easter egg screen. Click the Easter egg to open it and reveal the prize (Candy for points, bandit bunny to take points away from the team, ninja bunny to allow stealing points, or a bomb that makes everyone lose points). Click the sign to return to the main screen and let the next team choose an egg.

I like to give every team a whiteboard/marker and let EVERY team answer the questions for a chance at 1 point so that everyone is participating rather than just waiting for one team to answer questions, but my classes are also pretty huge and so it would take forever to wait. Then the team that chose the question gets "bonus points" from the Easter egg. But it's up to you and what you want to do!

The file I posted was made for 2nd grade JHS, I came up with most questions myself and stole some from other people's activities as I was in a hurry, but some of them were a little too easy. Please change them and you can make it fit any grade.

Just a tip if you want to change the Easter egg reward slides: There are 30 questions and 30 different egg slides all linked together. It had to be this way because I really liked my lootbox-esque egg opening animation. Other classroom blast powerpoints usually just have a few reward slides that many questions will link to and makes it easier to edit, but I couldn't do that because once an egg opens, it stays open forever until you close the powerpoint. So I had to make separate eggs for every question.

Anyway, each Easter egg is composed of a "top" and "bottom" half, but if you want to be careful and change a prize on a slide without messing up the animation, click the Home tab at the top, click Select (looks like a mouse cursor), and click Selection Pane. From there, you can click the little eye symbol next to "top" and "bottom" to hide the egg. You can then easily edit how many candies are under it, or change it to a ninja bunny, or whatever. Just be sure to unhide the egg after you finish.

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    Submitted by badartist March 7, 2023 Estimated time: 30-50 min
    1. kusobaba March 7, 2023

      Really nice quiz. Thanks for sharing it!

    2. beastylex March 28, 2024

      thank you so much for this! the kids really loved it, played it with my 2nd yrs. they really got a kick out of stealing points from each other. great work!!!

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