Super Mario Christmas Blast

A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant.

Submitted by philipawalker

December 4, 2018

Inspired by: Super Mario Typhoon

Inspired: Fortnite Typhoon Game

Estimated time: 30-50 minutes

Basic Instructions

  • Split the class into lunch groups, or about 5-6 teams.
  • Teams take turns answering questions, and receive rewards when correct.
  • The team with the most coins at the end wins.

Detailed Instructions

  • Decide the first team through whatever manner you find appropriate...janken, etc.
  • Proceed to the powerpoint page with the blocks numbered 1-48.
  • Have the team choose whatever number block they want - in English, of course.
  • If they answer correctly, click on Mario to reveal their reward.
  • If they answer incorrectly, whichever team raises their hand first may have a guess at the answer. If a team answers correctly, they receive the reward.
  • Click on the Home Block button on the bottom right to return to the Questions blocks page.


  • Emphasize that the rewards are completely random. They are based on luck, or unmei, or whatever you want to say. A hard question will not necessarily give a lot of points, and an easy question will not necessarily give only a few. Once the class knows this, they will be on the edge of their seats after every question.
  • On Slide #3, press forward TWICE to proceed to the next slide.
  • Whenever you blast a team's points to 0, make it'll make the kids even more excited.
  • Slide #6 contains a NORMAL TIMER. This is the default on most slides.
  • Slide #7 contains a FROZEN TIMER. In other words, there is no timer on this slide. The instructions to use this on other slides are written in the Powerpoint.
  • Slide #8 contains a Frozen Timer which will thaw and then begin counting down once you click. This is so that you can read instructions first, and once a team has prepared the timer will count down on your command. Again, the instructions to use this on other slides are written in the Powerpoint.
  • Slides #9-#11 contain a few sample questions.

Item Reward Guide (Also Included in Powerpoint

  • Coins (1-5). These simply add to a team's score
  • Blue Icy Shell. The team that receives this gets to pick ONE team to blast down to ZERO POINTS.
  • Blue Boss Shell. The team that receives this gets to blast ALL other teams down to ZERO POINTS.
  • Bowser. The team that receives this gets their points cut in half!
  • Musakuu December 12, 2019

    Does anyone have any questions already prepared for this, that they would like to share?

  • noelle December 18, 2020

    My first year students had so much fun with this game! Thank you for sharing!

  • icdfgen December 22, 2020

    I used this game for my Grades 5 and 6. They enjoyed it very much! Thank you for making this!

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