Suzume No Tojimari Point Game Template

Let's be like Suzume and start locking up! Answer the question, choose a door, get points, or better yet, get the BONUS ROUND!

Submitted by Matsue2012

March 15, 2023

Estimated time: 20-40min

Have you seen the movie Suzume no Tojimari?

I love the movie so much, I had to make a game with it.
If you or your students haven't seen it yet, there shouldn't be many spoilers, only characters, and trailer images.
Music is the actual movie soundtrack. They have it on AppleMusic but I ended up buying the CD.


The opening slides are a bit cinematic.
When you are ready to begin, press the spacebar, and watch the menu slide load to the soundtrack.
--Teehee, kind of proud of it.--

How to Play Menu
1st slide: Simple instructions
2nd slide: Rules or instructions for the students.
--Click the corner back button to return to the start menu.--

Have your kids answer the questions.
What about a **TIMER?
Top left is the speaker symbol with a 1:30 song that plays (Movie Soundtrack). You can use if you'd like or omit.

Groups get to choose in the order of who finishes first (correctly).
Have one person from the group come and choose a door.

Door Explanation
Scores rangeThe highest-5
Highest score of 5 has Daijin (White Cat) pop up.
The chair pops up for the Bonus Round (Click the chair to go to the bonus slide)

Bonus Round adjust to your needs.
They then choose a picture which once clicked will reveal the bonus question and/or activity and/or points.

My Bonus Play
The group automatically gets 2+ points.
If they decline, they lose -2 points overall, no points.
I do activities such as "Tell your ALT your favorite food" "Sing the alphabet bet" and "Switch points with another team." etc.
(Click the back button to return to the question you were recently at)

How many questions?
I did 10 questions because my classes never really reaches past 8. But you can add more depending on the difficulty level.

Click on the small yellow box on the left to head to the "Thank you for playing" slide.

Last notes:
I kept some "examples" in the template to help give you an idea on what I did. Such as in the bonus slide and question sections.

It's hard to hear, but when Daijin (White Cat) pops up at 5 points, he says phrases which is from the movie theatre. XD You scan a barcode at the theatre and it gives you character audio. Which is why its like "Popcorn, suki?" etc. haha

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • SuzumeNoTojimari Point Game Template.pptx (30.9 MB)
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    1. biz2y March 16, 2023

      Nice work! this is well made. I'll be playing with my 1st graders later today :)
      Just a warning to anybody wanting to use it - You need to fill your name into the 'How To Play?' slide, and also need to change the name written on some of the questions in the 'Bonus Round' slide. To view the questions you will need to hide or move the images out of the way.

    2. Matsue2012 March 17, 2023

      @biz2y So happy that you got to use it XD My life is now complete :P Did any of your students watch the movie? One of my classes, no one watched it....-_-

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