One Piece Review Game

A One Piece version of Lucasmh's fantastic Pokemon Classroom Blast.

First, split the class into six teams, then decide the team you start from (I usually use rock-paper-scissors). After team names have been decided from the wanted poster screen, the game begins. The first team will choose a number which, once clicked, takes you to the corresponding question. Once they answer, click through, then the outcome will reveal itself (whether lucky or unlucky). Click on the eternal pose on the left side (the compass) to return to the question selection screen. The next team then repeats the same process, as does the next team, and the one after that. The game lasts until the lesson ends, or you have run out of questions. If a team takes too long to answer a question, I start counting down; once the countdown ends, the question becomes open for any team to answer once they've put up their hand.

This activity works pretty much exactly the same as Lucasmh's Pokemon Classroom Blast, which I used as a template (I also used Lucasmh's One Piece Showdown's title screen). There are some added special events and different effects, but each are explained within the Powerpoint. For the Enel event, I was thinking the ALT could act as Enel, and gain 1 point for each question that's answered thus far in the game; the group which lands on Enel has to play rock-paper-scissors against the ALT, and according to the results, either robs the ALT acting as Enel of all their points, or loses half of their own.

Of course, feel free to change questions or effects as I have with Lucasmh's game to make this.

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    Submitted by Sean1112 March 15, 2023 Estimated time: Whole lesson (45mins+)
    1. Bonjure289 March 16, 2023

      As a huge One Piece fan, I LOVE this!! Absolutely brilliant!

    2. Danakco March 16, 2023

      Veyr nicework! Cant wait to see some of my OP otaku kids faces!

    3. floydo May 30, 2023

      Incredible template, beats jeopardy!

    4. kusobaba May 31, 2023

      Really nice work! Thanks.

    5. kaijn November 17, 2023

      I made my own One Piece based Powerpoint game last year. This is by far, WAY better. Great job to you, how long did it take?

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