English Idioms (with matching Kahoot!)

A Powerpoint activity with literal Japanese translations to help students learn about some of the silly English idioms we have.

Submitted by robertsbp

March 16, 2023

Estimated time: 10-15 min PPT only, 20-30 with Kahoot

Hey hey! I made a powerpoint with common English idioms and their literal Japanese translations to show how weird the sayings can be. The initial plan was to illustrate every idiom but I uh ran out of time, haha. I was only able to do the first one.

However, my JTE really likes Kahoots, so he asked me to turn it into a Kahoot guessing game. I want to share both versions depending on how you like to run fun, quick classes like this.

I've only run it as a PowerPoint, and I found that the students really enjoyed taking their time trying to guess the meanings. The last one always catches the kiddos off guard, haha. The Kahoot can be fun as a stand alone guessing game, or as a review activity later down the road; I personally will not be able to run now it as it's the end of the school year and I'm doing different activities now.

Have fun!!!


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  • idiom presentation.pptx (51.7 MB)
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    1. blueforestwanderer March 16, 2023

      This looks really awesome! One note I have is that the Talk about the elephant in the room, the Japanese makes it sound like you're talking about elephants in someone's room, not that there is an elephant here, with us. While this is one literal translation of the phrase, it mistakes which action is being performed where. The important phrase is "Elephant in the room" so it would be 部屋にいるゾウ について

    2. stevenyc113 March 16, 2023

      good work. even included a Kahoot. I appreciate all you did. I will use it for my next class.

    3. robertsbp March 16, 2023

      ah @blueforestwanderer thank you for pointing that out! I'll get it fixed asap!

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