Guess the Movie Title

A powerpoint quiz for your students to guess the English title of a movie when shown the Japanese one.

Submitted by eviemaire

March 17, 2023

Estimated time: 15-30 minutes

It's that time of the year where some of us are trying desperately to find work for our students after finishing the textbook. Plus the kids are already in vacation-mode.

This is a powerpoint I put together at the request of my JTE. It shows some (hopefully) familiar movie posters, and then some options float up next to it and the students have to guess what the movie title is. Some of these are wildly different from the Japanese ones (the Pixar film "Up" for example is called "Grandpa Carl's Flying House" in Japanese) and some are the same ("Howl's Moving Castle" is the equivalent title of the film in both Japanese and English)

Depending on the language level of your students, they might need the JTE to translate the different options for them. I've included some extra info about some of the titles. The one explaining that Moana is the Māori word for Ocean is specifically because I'm from New Zealand, so you can remove it if you need.

This uses the morph transition in Powerpoint, but it should still be okay if you don't have that.

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  • Guess the Movie Title.pptx (15.5 MB)
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    1. jiggswalsh March 17, 2023

      Love it! Moana is famous enough, no? Kia kaha! How about putting some of the old Peter Jackson movies in (joking)?

    2. ChetBorneo March 17, 2023

      This is great. I'm always telling my students that Japanese movie titles are often so different to the English ones.

      This will be a fun last lesson quiz.

    3. MrMomotaro March 20, 2023

      Very cool idea! I've done something similar in a previous quiz, but it was only one question. The decoy answers are great to read.
      Just a heads up, the slide after Totoro still has the Totoro textbox visible at the top, so don't forget to delete it!

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