Eiken Writing Worksheets

Eiken writing worksheets for Grade 3, Grade Pre-2 and Grade 2

Here are Grade 2, Grade pre-2 and Grade 3 worksheets I made and used to help students prepare for the writing portion of Eiken. I combined basic essay structure with what I know is required for Eiken writing, and mixed explanations with practice. I made and printed these on Google docs, hopefully they look alright in Word!

I made an "advanced" version for Grade 2 with more explanations for my high level SHS. The others have Japanese explanations from the Eiken exam to help them practice what they would see. However, worksheets are mostly all in English, JTEs translated and explained when needed. Feel free to change or adjust the worksheets, or suggest any changes for myself!

How I taught this:

Lesson 1 - I explained the structure as a hamburger or parfait* (basically their answer needs layers), then I gave them the first activity to think individually, compare with their neighbours and correct all together. For the second activity, brainstorm in groups, but write individually.
Lesson 2 or homework - Review structure, and last writing activity do on their own

*One JTE mentioned that the hamburger idea might not be common with students, so for my lower level SHS I explained the structure like a parfait (valid for rural areas, but my high level SHS has a McDonalds 5 min away so I kept the hamburger for them in the advanced worksheet).

Submitted by christina March 23, 2023 Estimated time: 1-2 lessons
  1. Imario82 July 25, 2023

    Thanks for these, very well put together!

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