Which do you like, summer or winter?

  • "That"

    PPT with which vs that tips and lots of input practice with a class output at the end

  • Let's Go to the Pokémon Café!

    Ordering at a restaurant speaking practice, with a fun Pokemon theme! Intended for Here We Go! JHS grade 1, Daily Life 3 (pg. 95).

  • Which do you like~ Interview

    Inspired by this interview map: https://www.altopedia.net/activities/2089-which-do-you-like-x-or-y-interview-map

  • Picture Dictionary Food&Money cards for Cafe Shop

    Cards to use for students to run a cafe. Junior Horizon 5th grade.

  • The Mystery Box Game

    The mystery box game is a super fun power point game. customize all questions and pictures and animations freely. Have fun.

  • Which, A or B?

    Have students read the prompts on the board in pairs. Have each kid select and write down their choice for a reveal!

  • Which anime character is...?

    A quick tournament-style activity to practice using the "which" grammar point.

  • English Conversation Practice Questions

    This is a long list of English questions you can use for any reason! I use them to begin my classes and sometimes when I want to wander the hallways and ambush students with English conversation!

  • Group trivia game activity (Who/What/Which)

    A group based trivia activity that includes many fun trivias and questions from the book. (Blue Sky 3 - Target 14)

  • English Board Splatfest

    A popularity poll to use on your English boards, have students vote on which they like best.

  • ALT's Self-intro lesson - Guessing game (Updated)

    You can use this game as an additional activity for your self-introduction lesson.

  • Eiken Writing Worksheets

    Eiken writing worksheets for Grade 3, Grade Pre-2 and Grade 2

  • Team Rocket Attack

    Colors, Foods, Weather, Days

  • Comparative Competition and Logic puzzle

    Great fun teamwork games to help JHS students with comparative

  • Let's Order! School's Fast Food Edition

    This activity is flexible. You may change the script according to the lesson's target language as well as your preferred menu.

  • New Horizon Grade 1 Unit 7 Review

    This is a review of NH1 grade 1 Unit 7 key sentences and grammar.

  • Which do you want A or B? Eat it all

    Students practice "Which do you want A or B?" "I want A." conversation and try to get all the food on the menu.

  • Which Anime Character is best? Tournament-style!

    A quick tournament-style activity to practice using the "which" grammar point.

  • Whose-Which Quizzes

    Two connected quizzes meant for practicing Whose and Which Possessive Questions.

  • Which do you like X or Y? Interview Map!

    Students ask their friends if they like _____ or _____ and follow down the map with a colored highlighter/pen/pencil/crayon.

  • Comparing Pokemon!

    Comparing Pokemon to each other based on easy to identify characteristics

  • What do you want to be? I want to be...

    Warm-up and jobs vocabulary and sentence practice.

  • 'Which' Fortune Telling!

    Speaking Acitivity Using 'which'

  • JHS Kahoot - New Year Trivia 2023

    New Year Trivia questions with information slides.

  • Seasons

    This is perfect to use if you're introducing holidays and reviewing seasons to your students.

  • Which is different?

    Short PowerPoint for the why/because 2nd grade grammar point.

  • "Which do you like __ or __?" Fortune-telling game

    Students ask 3 questions to tell their classmates fortunes

  • Comparatives Interview Sheet

    Sheet with twenty-four comparitives question prompts: "which do you like better/best?"

  • Zoltar the Fortune Teller

    This is a simple and mildly amusing way to introduce 'which' questions for a first grade class. It can be edited for a second grade classes studying 'Which do you like better'

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