Quiz - "Are You?" OR "Do you?"

Short presentation to review the difference between "are you...?" or "do you...?"

Submitted by jonnysniper

May 18, 2023

Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

First have the students try to guess the difference between "are you...?" and "do you...?" by using the examples on the second slide. Highlight that "do you...?" always requires a verb. Then move on to the quiz, and have the students shout out the answers, or raise their hands for either "are you" or "do you".

At first, the verbs are underlined, making them easy to identify. However, the latter questions will require the students to identify the verbs themselves. For each question I like to ask them what the verb is, even if there isn't one - just to double check their understanding.

I also made a second version of this quiz with slightly different questions - mainly so my JTE could use it in my absence. I've uploaded both, just in case.

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