May I ___? - Evolution Janken Game

New Crown 2 Page 19 Word Bank

Submitted by OdafromTaijima

May 24, 2023

Estimated time: 7 mins

New Crown 2 Page 19 Word Bank
Students practice the dialog in Get Plus 1 Word Bank
Sticker as prizes is optional

Practice the target vocabulary and the responses on the sheet(students are welcome to freestyle as the answer doesn't matter). Kids will go around challenging each other to janken. They then go through the dialog with their respective roles. The winner will mark that square and then progress. Repeat until the time is up. For this one, I would give 4 minutes, but I might add an extra depending on how the group is doing. For those that finish I have them bring the paper to me, I sign it then let them have a sticker.


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