How do you BINGO

Students practice speaking the target structure and play BINGO using the names they have collected.

This activity is for New Horizon 1 Unit 2 Part 3. There are two target structures in this lesson:

1. How do you …
2. What do you have for …
The JTE asked me to use the entire 50 minutes for this lesson so here’s what I came up with.

I. I made a PowerPoint about breakfasts in different countries and asked the students which country it is. After that, I asked them what they have for breakfast. First, we practice how to ask and answer correctly then students make a pair and ask each other. Students then talk to three other students then sit down when they are done.

II. I showed another PowerPoint to practice the second grammar point “How do you…” After making sure that students understand, hand out the BINGO worksheet.

III. Students’ goal is to fill in all the squares with their classmate’s name. Walk around. Make a pair. Play janken. Winner gets to ask the question first. Loser acts it out and says “Like this.” Winner writes that student’s name. Plain and simple. When everybody’s finished, it’s time to play BINGO. ALT/JTE picks a name of a student. If the student’s name is on the BINGO sheet, whoever asked him/her gets to circle the student’s name.

IV. The last part of the worksheet is to practice writing the two grammar structures they learned.

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    Submitted by MarielleSensei May 30, 2023 Estimated time: 50 minutes
    1. JackyKillian1701 May 30, 2023

      This is a great idea! Could you maybe include the slideshow files, too, please? I'm really interested in the international breakfast idea (doing a unit on countries and taste with some of my shogakkou kiddos soon).

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