🏰The Castle Game🏰

Students build and destroy each other's castles in this flexible PPT game for any grade level!

Directions (included in the PPT, with visual aids!)

This classic ESL game is now digitized! It can be used as a warm up or a full review game. All you need to do is prepare questions for the students to answer (I recommend 10-15 questions minimum.)


Divide the class into 3 teams, each represented by a castle. For larger classes (24+) divide them into 6 groups, 2 groups per team.

Have each group decide the order in which students will answer. For larger classes, you don't need to do this. Instead, the front 3 groups will compete against each other, then the back group.

The Game:

Ask a question. Whoever raises their hand first and answers correctly can choose to either “BUILD” their own castle or “ATTACK” another team.

(NOTE: If build/attack is too difficult, you can change it to Up/Down)

Once they choose, click the SPINNER in the bottom right corner. Spin the wheel and let the students decide when to stop. This will determine how much of the castle is built/attacked. The "HAMMER" is special. You can rebuild or destroy an entire castle.

Click the CASTLE icon in the top left corner to go back.

Click the green UP arrow to build and the red DOWN arrow to attack.

How to Win:

Depending on the length of the activity, you can determine a winner in two ways:

1) Last castle standing wins! (Warm-up)

2) The biggest castle wins! (Longer games)
A team isn't eliminated if their castle falls. They can play until all the questions have been answered or the class ends.

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    Submitted by taliwah June 7, 2023 Estimated time: 10-30 minutes
    1. jessacee July 13, 2023

      This looks so cute! Thank you! I'll definitely use this at my elementary school next week. :)

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