Race and Speak - Review for NH3 Unit 1

Unit Review for New Horizon 3

• Print the questions (I have laminated mine for use in my other class/school)
• Cut it out and stick it around the classroom before the start of the class.
• Make groups of four
• Two members will walk around the classroom to answer the question. They have to memorize the answer and go back to their team
• Another member will have to write the answer on a sheet of paper.
• Finally, the last member will go to the teacher (JTE / ALT ) and tell the answer (memorize the answer again)
My class is a little low level so I have to provide them the pattern on how to answer the question. But for the high-level class, they can answer it
with no problem.
Also, I want to credit "jiggswalsh" for the translation.
• Track the points of every group.

Submitted by esceehxxi June 12, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30 mins

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