How Are You? Feelings Introduction and Quiz

Powerpoint used to introduce feelings (happy, sad, sleepy, hungry, sad, tired, cold, hot). Includes a name that feeling quiz with popular characters (Anya, Pikachu, etc).

This was made for my ES 1st-2nd grade students, but was very much inspired by Let's Try! 1 Unit 2 How are you? for the 3rd grade and could be incorporated into that unit.

This was designed as a lesson to teach feeligns, but the for students who have already learned this content, or for use in 3rd grade classes, the quiz can be used alone as a review activity. The quiz alone probably wouldn't take more than 5-10 mintues.

The Powerpoint begins with slides introducing feelings (happy, sad, sleepy, hungry, sad, tired, cold, hot).*
Each slide has a generic clip art illustration as a visual aid as well as a popular character (Snoopy, Kirby, etc).

The quiz portion of the Powerpoint contains pictures of characters (and some animals) making various expressions and students are asked to guess what emotion is being shown. Images used in the quiz include Doraemon crying ("sad"), Luffy from One Piece eating ("hungry") and a sleepy looking kitten.

After the quiz there is a slide introducing the question "how are you?" and the response "I'm____".
I had my students practice in pairs and then freely talk to as many classmates as possible taking turns asking and answering.

Next could be a good oppurtunity to play a game. A gesture game or card game would work well here (this is not included).

On the last slide there is a Youtube link to a Pokemon version of the song "If You're Happy and You Know it".

*To make it easier for the younger kids I tired to limit the number of feelings used and left out "tired" so we wouldn't have any confusion between "tired" and "sleepy". I added "tired" to the powerpoint I uploaded here so it would more closely match with the picture cards from Let's Try! 1. Depending on your audience and preferences, you can add/remove feelings from the powerpoint and "good" can be changed to "fine"...

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    Submitted by sase9 July 19, 2023 Estimated time: 10-30 minutes ?

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