Halloween CodeBreaker and Bingo

I made these materials to try to spice up the Halloween week. There's an intro PPT, flashcards, a codebreaker activity, and a bingo sheet.

EDIT: after collaborating with my JTE, we decided "Zombie BINGO" should go first out of the two workseets to make sure we were able to finish it in time. Then we gave them the rest of the period to solve the puzzle worksheet.

1. I wanted to start with the PowerPoint to introduce the vocabulary.

  • You can start the PPT by asking them to read the Japanese under the Halloween title (like the 課題). I Included the furigana for any students who might be behind in their kanji. The PPT is formatted to show the vocab image first, then one more click to reveal the English vocab (have them repeat after you). You can use this to ask if they can understand the concept the image is presenting (Japanese answers are okay here).
  • There are 13 vocab words (all uppercase so 3rd graders can recognize the letters).
    • Trick or treat, ghost, costume, spooky, zombie, candy, bat, pumpkin, candle, broom, web, cauldron, witch.

After reviewing through "witch," stop and move to the flashcards (or skip flashcards).

2. You can do whichever flashcard activity you normally like to do here to help solidify their understanding.

3. Move on to the “Halloween Cryptograph Activity” worksheet.

  • For this activity, I think it would be best to do it in pairs or groups. Have them read the Japanese goal (written just above the crypto key) to make sure they understand what they’re supposed to do. I think the most fun would be to have them race to decode 1-12.
  • After they’ve finished 1-12, have them bring the paper to you, or raise their hand for you to check that they completed it. If there are mistakes, tell them which numbers have mistakes. If no mistakes, have them solve the last word/phrase.

You can give the first couple of pairs/groups stickers if they’re not excited enough.

4. Move on to the “Zombie Bingo” worksheet (return to the PPT).

  • You might need to do a quick confirmation of the Japanese for the vocab, as they’ll have to fill in the bingo sheet somehow.
  • Because there are only 13 vocab words, the bingo board has too many spaces. But in my PPT, it suggests filling in (any) 3 spaces as FREE.
  • I suggest requiring 3 bingos before they can raise their hands. Check for bingos and give stickers for however many winners you’d like.


Small files
  • Flashcards.pdf (1000 KB)
  • Halloween Cryptograph Activity.pdf (874 KB)
  • Halloween Vocab.pdf (846 KB)
  • Zombie BINGO.pdf (680 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Halloween Vocab.pptx (14.7 MB)
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    Submitted by wajimaALT October 24, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. Joanne October 26, 2023

      love the materials. However, I downloaded both the ppt and the pdf and tried in both presentation modus and read modus and other than the first slide could not find any Japanese anywhere!

    2. wajimaALT October 26, 2023

      @Joanne Only one slide should have Japanese in the PPT. ^_^

    3. nkeyalt October 30, 2023

      I love the codebreaker worksheet, thank you!

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