"We call it _____" Quiz Game!

In groups, students guess what famous movies/characters/brands are called in English

This is a modified version of a powerpoint posted by jonnysniper here on Altopedia.

Materials and Prep

  • Give whiteboards and markers to groups of 4-5
  • A copy of the accompanying worksheet to each student

Quiz Gameplay

Click through the slide animations. The first few slides are warmup and only have one correct answer for the English name. Then the real game begins.

First check that they know what the movie/character/etc. is called in Japanese. In Japan, we call it スタバ for example. Then, they will be presented with 5 choices for what it's called in English. A quiz timer will then start (as you click through the animations). A sound effect will play when the timer runs out. Have them raise their whiteboards to show you their answer.


On some questions I included hints for words I think my students won't know. They should be careful though: the hints may or may not be helpful in getting to the real answer.

The topics are heavily skewed towards Ghibli movies, since I'm a huge Ghibli fan. Please feel free to change the topics and answers as you see fit.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • We Call It Quiz Accompanying Worksheet.pptx (1.48 MB)
  • In English, We Call It...Quiz.pptx (14.5 MB)
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    Submitted by thenamelessone October 25, 2023 Estimated time: 30 minutes
    Inspired by They Call A, B
    1. biscuitface October 31, 2023

      Good activity. Thank you for sharing. I just thought I'd mention a couple of things in case you are unaware of them. On the Whisper of the Heart slide, the red arrow appears before the timer starts. Also, on the KFC slide, Kentucky is spelled in English rather than katakana.

    2. thenamelessone October 31, 2023

      Thanks for pointing it out! I've fixed the errors.

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