Cat Master Game

English Game with rules similar to Moose Master

I have not used this game yet! But I hope it works. I have also never played Moose Master, I have only watched other's play.

The game may be a little complicated and my classes tend to need quite a bit of explanation so I put the game into three parts, starting with part 1 and adding part 2 and part 3 in different classes. So, I think this may be three class periods if it works out.

The power point should explain the whole game, but I'll add a short explanation here too. If you have seen or played the game Moose Master, it is pretty similar but I changed it to Cat Master.

There are rule cards, bummer cards, and mini game cards.

Two rule cards are picked randomly to start. If anyone breaks the rules they will draw a bummer card. Some bummer cards tell the student to change any rule or to give the bummer card to someone else! If they reach a certain number of bummer cards they lose, or I might play it as whoever has the least bummer cards wins.

When it is your turn, the player draws a mini game card and practices whatever is on the card.

The mini game cards are:
Say a word that starts with the letter of your choice.
Play rock, paper, scissors with a player of your choice.
Make a sentence using these words.
Read this sentence and make it past tense.
Read this sentence and make it present tense.
Read this sentence and make it future tense.
Translate this sentence to English.
Translate this sentence to Japanese.
Fill in the blank.
Answer the question.
Make a contraction word.
Make a sentence x words long.
Correct the sentence.
Make the meaning negative.
Echo Master
Cat Master

Echo Master and Cat Master are like extra rules for one player only.

If a student draws Echo Master they will say “Look right” and whoever is last will become the "echo" for a word of the master's choice. The echo draws a bummer card if they forget.

If a student draws Cat Master they will say "Cat" and make cat ears with their hands. Whoever is last to copy will have to copy an action of the master's choice whenever the master does the action.

Only one Echo Master and one Cat Master can exist at a time. So, if a new Echo Master is drawn, the old Echo Master finishes. Same with Cat Master.

I also have answer cards. When I make the game I will likely glue every card to construction paper, but for the cards with answers I would staple the question on top so that they can flip it over and see the answer.

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    Submitted by amandamh October 30, 2023 Estimated time: 1-3 class periods

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