What Had Happened? Past Perfect Game

Students compete to create the best/funniest explanation for past tense situations using past perfect tense.

Materials: Whiteboards and markers or other writing materials

Depending on class size, students can compete alone or in groups.

Demonstrate the first slide yourself. Read out the situation (e.g. "I broke the window! What had happened?"). Students have to explain what happened before the situation using past perfect tense. You may want to give an example (e.g. "I had tried to smash a huge bug"). Students write their responses on whiteboards, and after the allotted time, show/read their responses out loud. Choose your favorite, then that student/team gets to lead the next round and choose their favorite response.

You may want to give a time limit, maybe 4 minutes, and allow students to use dictionaries/translators depending on their English level.

Situations could easily be altered to present tense and have students come up with past tense responses.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • What Had Happened Game.pptx (1.71 MB)
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    Submitted by ryninhiroshima November 9, 2023 Estimated time: 20-40 minutes
    1. noelle January 23, 2024

      Thanks so much for preparing such a wonderful activity and Powerpoint! Can't wait to try this activity tomorrow with the first years :)

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