Listening Activity Collection of JHS 1nensei

based on One World 1 JHS 1nensei Lesson 5 Tips for Listening #2 page 74

3 activities to practice Listening in English:
Instruct students to listen carefully to the English texts and answer accordingly.
After each activity, go over the correct answers to help students understand and remember some difficult/confusing words.

Activity #1: Listen and Answer: Unruly Class Picture
*full credits go to Jake W's "The boy sleeping on his desk is..." - I just edited a few things to make it easier for my students.

Print the Unruly Class Picture Worksheet for each student, and 1 answer key for Teacher.

Students to identify the characters in the picture (and write the letter beside the name) by listening to the description that the teacher will read aloud.

Activity #2: Listen and Write/Draw: Self-Introduction Poster of an Anime Character (based on Shin Chan)
Print the Self-Introduction Poster for each student (half-sheet only).

Tell students that the Poster is about a character. The character (teacher) says his personal information, and students must listen and complete the poster about him.
(***Information is different from real-life information, so students have to listen well. In this worksheet, I used a picture of Crayon Shin Chan, but changed all the details about him. So if they don't listen well and rely on their stock knowledge of him, they will get wrong answers.)

Teacher to go over each part of the poster, so students will know what to write or draw(full name, nickname, likes/dislikes or favorite food/hobby, draw the number of family members, draw the pet, write the pet name and friend name).

Teacher Script:
Hello! I am Shinnosuke Nohiri.
My Nickname is Shin-kun!
I have ten brothers.
My favorite food is green peppers! I love green peppers!
I don’t like chocolate biscuits.
I like playing tennis.
I don’t like sleeping.
I have a pet rabbit name Kuro.
My friend’s name is Nana-Chan.

Activity #3: Listen and Draw
Print the Comic Strip Drawing Worksheet for each student.

Students to listen carefully and draw the events that the teacher will read aloud.
To manage time, emphasize that the drawing doesn't have to be good/perfect - it just has to show the event.
Also inform students that even if they don't understand some English words, they should just try their best and draw based on the words that they do understand. (Context clues)
Comic Strip Drawing:
1. A jungle is a place with lots of trees and animals.
2. One day, a monkey was swinging in the trees.
3. Then he saw a banana tree!
4. The monkey took 1 banana and ate it. Mmmm, delicious!
5. But he threw the banana peel on the jungle floor.
6. A snake saw the banana peel, but didn’t put the banana peel in the trash can.
He said, it’s not my trash.
7. Then as the snake was leaving, an elephant came.
8. The elephant stepped on the banana peel.
9. And he slipped and fell on top of the snake.
10. The snake cried under the elephant. The end

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