Battle for Japan: Generalized version

Capture as many prefectures as possible by getting the correct answers.

This is a game originally made by Unomuroku. I edited his powerpoint to make some visual improvements, to simplify it and to make it accessible to all grammar points for all JHS grades.

      What you will need:

A tv, whiteboards for every group, a dice to give to every group and a sheet of paper with the questions you want to ask the students (In this post I'll link lesson 1-5 questions for grade 7's and 9's)

      How it works:
  • Go through the slides until you get to the rules.

  • Explain to the students that you or your JTE will ask them a question and that the groups that get the correct answer will be able to choose a prefecture to take.

  • Explain that once a prefecture is taken the students can only take prefectures adjacent to that prefecture.

  • Explain that students can take each other's prefectures and that to do so they'll have to choose to either play janken or roll dice for it.

  • Go through the slides until you reach the map of Japan now assign teams. There are 4 different teams/colours in the ppt. Choose one group per colour and have those groups choose friend groups who will be part of the same team. (You can splits them into 3 teams if that fits better with the amount of groups your class makes)

  • Demonstrate the whole process with the help of your JTE by saying you got a maru answer and now you can choose a prefecture and click on one prefecture, now sensei gets a maru answer and chooses the same prefecture so they will need to play janken or roll a dice to take it from you.

  • Start the game.

      Additional notes
  • Write the category of question and the question on the board and then read it out loud to the students.

  • Give students 2 minutes per question and feel free to give them hints as they think about their answers.

  • Once time is up walk around with the JTE and mark the student's answers with a maru or batsu.

  • Ask who the maru answer groups are and then have every group with the correct answer choose a prefecture one by one. I chose the maru groups that could select prefectures randomly every round.

  • Give double point rounds where groups with the correct answer will be able to select 2 prefectures to keep the game interesting.

  • Prefecture selection should happen per correct/maru group and not one selection per team, if 2 groups within a team get the right answer then they should both get an individual chance to choose a prefecture.

  • Tell students to use their textbooks for assisstance, the goal is to build their confidence with using their previously learned grammar whilst still testing them.

  • When there's about 5 mins left in the class, count up the prefectures taken by each team with your JTE and then announce the winning team.

Small files
  • Questions for battle for Japan 9th grade.docx (18.1 KB)
  • Questions for battle for Japan 7th grade.docx (16.3 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • BATTLE FOR JAPAN.pptx (6.03 MB)
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    1. stuartr2207 February 27, 2024

      Hiya, loving this activity. However, my school uses google slides and I can't get any of these to work properly. Nor can I get any of the other risk-type games on this side to work on slides. Any ideas?

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