Where do you live?

Simple interview game to help students learn how to ask; "Where do you live?". (Elementary School grades 5,6)

First, the teacher sends the exel file to all the students' PCs.
Students open the file and click "enable content".
Then they click "launcher".

A map of Japan is going to open.
Students click on the label called: "Where do you live?".
All the provinces turn black.

Next, the teacher chooses one or two provinces for each student telling them, "Here is where you live."

Student A: Where do you live?
Student B: I live in Hokkaido. (Student B click on Hokkaido, and the color of the button changes).

Take turns.
Students try to find all the provinces by asking and answering questions.

Variations. (Adjust the variations according to the class level)
"Where are you from?" "I'm from Hokkaido". (E.S. grade 5 level)
"Where do you want to go?"I want to go to Hokkaido"(E.S. grade 5 level)
"Where did you buy this souvenir?" " I bought it in Hokkaido".(E.S. grade 6 level)
"Where would you like to visit? " " I would like to visit Hokkaido". (E.S. grade 6 level)Etc...

Submitted by Aurelio Mizukami November 17, 2023 Estimated time: 15 to 20 min

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