Where is ○○?

Working as pairs, students must navigate and give each other directions in their classrooms turned into their town.

I like the board game made by Matthew, but what I find is that sometimes students forget to bring/charge their tablets or even have trouble with the tablet itself and can sometimes take more time just making sure everything is working rather than working on the assignment.

I made a game/worksheet last year the rough draft wasn't as effective as I'd like, but this year was far more smooth.

Pre-class prep:

Step one) Print and laminate the "places around town". (You can ignore house, bridge and street if you are printing) If you have physical flashcards this works as well.

Step two) Modify worksheets A and B to suit your classroom, adjoining classroom and hallway.
(houses are desks, yellow bars are streets, and the black dots represent any location the "places around town" may be.)
Change the places around town to anywhere that you like, and you can be creative; putting them in, on top, on the side of objects usually illicts some laughs.

Step three) Place the "places around town" cards in the classrooms in the same places as the worksheets, ideally the day before the activity.

Actual class time:

Step one) Demonstrate with the HRT (HRT will be B, and you will be A) You will ask for a place on the left side on the worksheet, and the HRT will give directions, and you will physically turn and move from place to place.

A) Where is the Station?
B) Turn right. Go straight for 3 blocks. Turn left. Go straight for 6 blocks. You can see it on your left.
A)(Starting from the station) Where is the ○○?

On your map, draw where you started and stopped and where the location you asked for is.

Step two) Pair students next to each other. Hand one column worksheet A, the other B.

Step three) Have students circle their "house". A will move and B will give directions. A will draw a line from where they start to where they end.

Step four) All students will start at their desks and can go to any location that they wish. Walk around and make sure everyone are giving directions in English.

Step five) After 5-10 minutes, return to their desks and switch roles.

If anything is unclear, let me know. I've been studying for the JLPT so my English is somewhere inbetween good and mediocre.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • map worksheet variant 1-A.docx (1.29 MB)
  • map worksheet variant 1-B.docx (1.31 MB)
  • map worksheet variant 2-A.docx (1.27 MB)
  • map worksheet variant 2-B.docx (1.3 MB)
  • Places around town.docx (2.02 MB)
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