Country Project

A Research and Presentation Project for Countries

This is a project where students can work by themselves or in pairs to learn about another country. There are 3 steps, in Step 1 the students list all the countries they can think of. I let them write in Japanese or English just so they start the activity. Once the have chosen a country, they have to come up to me and show me. Then I give them the second worksheet and explain the project to them. I tell them to use their laptops to research their country and look on the back if they need an example. Once they have finished their research worksheet, I explain Step 3 where they have to present their country to me. I have them present to me one on one so they do not have to speak in front of the entire class. This typically takes them about two or three class periods to complete. Enjoy!

Submitted by feymor November 24, 2023 Estimated time: 2 or 3 Class Periods

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